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The PG Department of Social Entrepreneurship was formed in Madras School of Social Work to address an emerging need in the society. Social Entrepreneurship has created wide interest among the young students who are interested in developing entrepreneurial skills and working towards alternative socio-economic models of development. MSSW is one of the few places in India to offer a full-fledged master’s course in Social Entrepreneurship.

The curriculum introduces the students to subjects relating to management, finance, accounting, social perspectives, economics, and gender and also equips them with a theoretical understanding of funding strategies, leadership, and innovation along with product and project management. The classroom learning is complemented by in-depth field practice through field work, summer internship, workshops, conferences, research component and social entrepreneurship project.

The students are trained to become social entrepreneurs who can start and manage their own ventures, hierarchical managers in social-entrepreneurial organisations, social marketing professionals in government and research-based organisations and executives in civil society as well as business organisations.

Mr. Antony Stephen

Head of the Department,
P.G Department of Social Entrepreneurship

Courses Offered

Semester – I

  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (Core)
  • Fundamental of Management for Social Enterprise (Core)
  • Human Resource Management (Core)
  • Indian Society and Polity (Allied)
  • Marketing Intelligence and Management (Allied)
  • Field Immersion I (Core) – Observation Visits and Project based work
  • Soft Skills I- Personal and Interpersonal Connect

Semester – II

  • Research Methodology (Core)
  • Development Economics (Core)
  • Social Marketing (Core)
  • Financial Accounting and Management (Core)
  • Fund Raising and Resource Mobilization (Allied)
  • Field Immersion II (Core) – Case Study analysis
  • Soft Skills II (OBT)
  • Summer Internship

Semester – III

  • Women and Entrepreneurship (Core)
  • Entrepreneurship Development (Core)
  • Legal Framework of Social Enterprises(Core)
  • Vulnerability and Sustainable Environment (Core)
  • Total Quality Management (Allied)
  • Field Immersion III (Core)
  • Soft Skills III

Semester – IV

  • Social Entrepreneur Strategies (Core)
  • Social Leadership (Core)
  • Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Core)
  • Product Management/ Project Management (Allied)
  • Research Project (Core)
  • Field Immersion IV (Core)
  • Soft Skills IV


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Mr. Antony Stephen

Head of the Department,
P.G Department of Social Entrepreneurship

Phone : 710945736
Email : stephen@mssw.in

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