The objectives of the Equal Opportunity Centre includes:

  • To provide information and act as a counselling-cum-guidance centre for students belonging to the marginalized sections, especially with regard to academic, financial and other matters.
  • To coordinate different scholarships for the students and to disseminate information related to the programmes for the welfare of the socially weaker sections as well as notifications/memoranda, office orders of the Government, or other related agencies/organizations issued from time to time.
  • To organize or conduct sessions on issues of contemporary significance for empowering, educationally and culturally, the students belonging to the marginalized sections.

Co-ordinator’s Desk

Equal Opportunity Centre (EOC) of Madras School of Social Work aims at creating equal opportunity for students belonging to marginalized sections including the Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Communities (OBCs), minority communities, etc. It provides guidance and counselling to the students with respect to academic, financial, social and other matters in order to enhance the diversity within the campus.

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Ms.Prof.Damen Queen

Assistant Professor
P.G.Dept. of Social Work

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