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The undergraduate department of psychology at the Madras School of Social work was established in the year 2012 and has been dedicated to imparting quality education since its inception. Within this short span, the department has been recognized as one of the most progressive and vibrant academic departments of psychology in Chennai. The strength of our robust academic programme largely lies in our committed faculty members, quality infrastructure, supportive administration and a large pool of learning resources. The department primarily focuses on making our students both good human beings and successful professionals through emphasis on both theory and practical aspects of the curriculum during the course of their study.

I am highly encouraged to state that many students who have graduated from our department with flying colours are now occupying high positions in several renowned organizations;several former students enjoy gratifying careers in the corporate world, while others have moved into realms such as teaching, advertising, media, theatre and law. As a department, we believe in inspiring minds and building character which will guide our studentsfor their lifetime. Additionally, we endeavour to inculcate social values and principles of personal excellence and care for society among our students.

The scope for a career in the field of psychology has been widening in today’s society and the students can look forward to being placed in either clinical or industrial sector or in a school setting. By choosing this course at the Madras School of Social Work, students will embark on a journey of personal growth through the study of psychology and witness a progressive transformation in themselves by the end of three years.

Mr. Sangeeth Gopinath
Assistant Professor & Program Head

Courses Offered

The Department of Psychology at MSSW, which had its modest beginning in the year 2012, offers a three-year undergraduate degree in Psychology. It has introduced various innovative and unique practices in the curriculum. Students will be exposed to psychological assessment in both semesters in their third year. The psychology laboratory contains various test materials like Raven’s Progressive Matrix, Bhatia’s Battery of Intelligence, Bell’s Adjustment Inventory, Stroop Effect Test, etc. We also have popular apparatus-based tests like the Muller Lyer Illusion Apparatus, Seguin Form Board Test, Tachistoscope, Concept Formation Board ,Manual Dexterity Test and Finger Dexterity Test.

Some unique courses such as Sports Psychology, Health Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Positive Psychology have been included in the syllabus. In order to have field experience, the final year students have a dedicated paper on “Case studies” in their fifth semester, for which they study about three different disorders across the life span. Further, students are given an opportunity to submit a project in their final year, in which they conduct two different survey researches.


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Mr. Sangeeth Gopinath

Program Head
U.G. Department of Psychology

Address: Madras School of Social Work (Autonomous),
32, Casa Major Road, Egmore, Chennai – 600008.
Phone : 8939617115
Email : gopinath.sangeeth@gmail.com

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