Objective of Students Development Council

  • To promote intellectual, cultural and social life of the students.
  • To foster activities to bring out and develop the creative talents of the students and to promote student welfare.
  • To develop a tradition of service and to inculcate in the students the sense of social responsibility

Scope of SDC

  • To organise and participate in educational activities such as debates, symposia, study circles, lectures, literary clubs, conferences, etc.
  • To promote social service activities such as volunteering for a social cause, blood donation camp and student welfare programmes.
  • To organise and encourage participation in sports and cultural activities within and outside the college.

Co-ordinator’s Desk

The Student Development Council was established in the institution to promote student leadership even during college days. The student members actively participate, organise and share the responsibilities of the council with mutual respect for others. The SDC works for the improvement of both the student community and the institution. As the co-ordinator of SDC, I wish great learning experience for the students and all the best for their future endeavours.

Contact Us



Asst. Professor & Coordinator,

Phone : 94459 45900
Email : Kbinian@mssw.in

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