Women’s Cell

The Women’s Cell functions for the specific needs of girl students and women faculty members keeping their interest and overall well-being as a priority. Right from addressing women-related concerns of health, legal awareness and self-care up to maintaining the cell’s exclusive room facility for brief periods of rest and grooming during times of special needs, there are several responsibilities handled by the Women’s Cell. Among the programmes conducted this year are talks on ‘Managing Women’s health and lifestyle diseases’, ‘Legal issues faced by women’, ‘Gender Sensitization’, ‘Awareness about breast feeding’, ‘Breast cancer screening’ and ‘Family integrity.’

Co-ordinator’s Desk

The effective functioning of Women’s Cell is made possible through the collaborative efforts of all the people, especially the women on the campus. We need to envision changes, communicate and engage in enhancing and empowering the women, starting in this little space. You run the world, Girls!

Contact Us


Ms. Ruby Wesley George

Assistant Professor
Department of MAHROD

Phone : 8825417930
Email : ruby@mssw.in

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