English Debating and Theatre Clubs

The English Debating Club – D’Bait – aims to facilitate the lively exchange of ideas among students while also building their public speaking skills and confidence. Apart from holding regular classroom debates on current topics, the club hosts an annual interdepartmental debating event at the UG level.

The English Theatre Club – Proscenium – was formed to identify budding theatrical talent and hone the acting skills of undergraduate students in MSSW. Since its inception in 2018, the theatre club has grown by leaps and bounds in organising workshops, lectures and monologue/drama competitions, besides producing at least one English play every year.

Co-ordinator’s Desk

I am privileged to be the coordinator of D’Bait and Proscenium whose objective goes beyond providing space for students to showcase their talents. While the debating club encourages critical thinking and awareness of current issues, the theatre club instils in students the capacity to empathise and identify with lives beyond their own. I hope we will continue to nurture the promising young orators and actors of MSSW in the years to come.

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Assistant Professor
Department of English, MSSW

Phone : 97911 21987
Email : iswarya@mssw.in

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