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MCJ Counselling Centre has been functioning as a unit of the Department of Counselling Psychology for the past few years. The counsellors serving here are postgraduates and professionally qualified in dealing with the clients. The centre has 13 specially trained counselling psychologists: among them 2 counsellors are faculty members of the college and 6 are alumnae of the college; 2 counsellors have graduated from other colleges and one is a former faculty member. All counsellors are from different backgrounds and areas of expertise and they strive to provide the best possible mental health care to each and every individual who walks in through our doors. MCJ Counselling Centre has been extending its services not only to outside clients, but especially to the students of MSSW. Two counsellors, Mr. Daniel Benjamin and Ms. Minita, are available on all days to provide counselling services to the students of MSSW.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and the subsequent lock down, our team has been providing support to the public via telephonic counselling. We have been receiving numerous calls every day seeking counselling for de-addiction or stress/anxiety caused by the curfew.

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MCJ Counselling Centre provides counselling to individuals in various areas like career guidance, emotional distress, interpersonal conflict, relationship issues, stress management, anger management, phobias, difficulty in learning and decision making. Clients are from different age groups. A majority of them are adolescents and young adults. Parents seek counselling for handling special children and understanding learning disability, and they receive guidance to deal with all kinds of behavioural problems. MCJ Counselling Centre also provides training programmes on personality development, assertiveness training, time management, study skills, emotional management and communication in schools.

The centre is planning to extend its services in different parts of the city and also to conduct many awareness and training programmes. Schools can contact for the MCJ counselling centre for support. MSSW provides the place to practice and provide services to people.


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COVID-19 Telephonic Counseling

C0VID-19 has shaken the world. It has created a widespread psychological impact in the past few weeks. It has affected the daily routine and induced anxiety, stress and lifestyle changes. People in Quarantine are confronted with a lot of uncertainties, experience fear for their family and friends.

MCJ Counseling Centre in Madras School of Social Work (MSSW) has a helpline for people who experience psychological symptoms like fear, anxiety, stress. You can contact for telephonic counseling from 8:00am to 8:00pm on the following numbers.

S.No Name Phone Number
1 Dr. Hannah John 9677035181
2 Dr. Subashree 9884565739
3 Mr. Ramakrishnan 9487747830
4 Dr. Rachel 9514818566
5 Prof. Damen Queen 9840580971
6 Mr. Narendaran MSSW 9791188311
7 Ms Mathangi MSSW 7550081794
8 Ms. Abitha
9 Dr. K. Sathyamurthi 9940406590

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