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Since 1987, the University Grants Commission has been assisting colleges in procuring basic Information & Technology infrastructure like personal computers and other peripherals. Through the X and XI Plans, the UGC assisted MSSW to establish the “UGC – Network Resource Centre (UGC-NRC)” and provided grants for the purchase of computers and internet connectivity. Since then, MSSW has been providing computer and internet facilities to the students and faculty members. The computer lab is equipped with 20 desktop computers with 100mbps internet connectivity. Students are also provided with WiFi connectivity inside the campus. Thus, the centre strives to create a digital learning environment for the students at MSSW.

Co-Ordinator’s Desk

Welcome to UGC-Network Resource Centre!!!

It has been a wonderful experience for me from the day I took charge as co-ordinator of this centre. The objective of the centre is to create awareness and to give exposure to the staff and students about the use of computers in various activities like education, administration, finance, examination and research.

The centre helps the faculty and students to have access to multimedia material in both teaching and digital learning experience. Students at MSSW are exposed to new learning platforms such as Google Classroom, Kahoot!,Mentimeter, etc. The centre organizes workshops for the students on social surfing.

The centre supports the college administration by providing a separate Education Management System (EMS). Admissions, Accounting, Fee payment, Report Generation, End Semester Examination Process, Attendance, Mark Entry and File Management are done online. The centre plays an important role in the managing college website and social media sites. Thus, the centre is active in providing a great digital learning environment on the campus.

Together let us strive for excellence!


Mr. S. Xavier Vivek Jerry,
Asst. Professor & Co-ordinator,


UGC-Network Resource Centre





Mr. S. Xavier Vivek Jerry






Mr. Vasantha Jayaseelan A

Social Media Manager






Mr. Mugunth


Mr. S. Balaji

Computer Engineer


  • Facilitating Education Management System which includes:
    1. Online admission process
    2. Online academic fee payment
    3. Online database management
    4. Online Examination Process
    5. Online Accounting and Report generation
    6. Online mark entry and attendance management
    7. Online File Management
  • Managing college website and social media sites of the college.
  • Conducting workshops for students on social surfing.
  • Creating unique e-mail id for all the students through which they send e-mails, use Google classroom and other Google products.
  • Providing computer and internet facility for the staff and students.

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Mr. S. Xavier Vivek Jerry

Asst. Professor & Co-ordinator

Phone : 96266 43846
Email :

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