Assistant Professor

Department : MSW (Aided)
Phone No : 9282112019
Email : amuthalakshmi@mssw.in

Educational Qualification


MA Social Work

Stella Maris College, University of Madras


M Phil Social Work

Madras School of Social Work, University of Madras


Ph D Interdisciplinary Management Studies

Anna University.


MBA General Management

Anna University


UGC Lectureship


Job Experiences

22 Years

Teaching experience

Post Graduate level


Research Supervision

No.D2/M.Phil. /GUIDE/2011/760 Recognition as Supervisor for guiding students for M. Phil degree course in Social work.
Recognition as supervisor for PhD degree course in Social work- dated 20th December No. D2/PhD/GUIDE/Recognition/2010/2535 in the University of Madras.

1998 till now

Postgraduate (M.A Social Work)


2008 till now

M.Phil (Social work)



PhD-Part time Guidance Awarded – 4

Mother Teresa University

2010-till now

PhD-full time Guidance Awarded – 3

Madras University

Seminars, Conferences & Workshops

  • HIV / AIDS – children at risk, UGC National Seminar, 29-30 July 2005, Roda Mistry College of social work & Research center, Hyderabad.
  • • Women in Asia, International Seminar, Dec 11-13, 2002, Stella Maris College, Chennai.
  • Quality Management and Human Relations-International seminar, Jan 3rd, 2007, Kumararani Muthiah arts and Science College. Chennai.
  • Women Entrepreneurship in the sixth Biennial Conference, Advances & Trends in Entrepreneurship, February 9-11,2005, Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI), Ahmedabad.
  • Alcoholic Counseling, NSS-TORC, 19, Dec 2002, Madras School of Social work.
  • Early childhood, Madras School of Social work, 7th Dec 2002, Professional Social Workers forum.
  • Entrepreneurship, National Seminar, 9 -11th, Dec 2002, Ethiraj Women’s College.
  • Globalization & Entrepreneurship Development; D.K.M.College Vellore; UGC. National Level Seminar 12th Aug 2005
  • Social Entrepreneurship; National Level Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship-Held at Dept Of Social Work - Stella Maris College.16th December 2007.
  • Pegasus Forum, National Conference, Madras School of Social Work, Paper Presented on Factors Influencing Employee Commitment Conducted, 30th November 2012 at MSSW.
  • National Conference on Current Trends in Professional Social Work, Patrician college of Arts & Science organized on March 2012
  • National Conference on New Age Business process and Management, R.M.D Engineering College, Presented paper titled Employee engagement- a tool for Organizational change, 4th April 012.
  • Workshop on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming& Communication) Asha Nivas, Chennai. NLP program, Camera Trust, (Communication and Media for Empowerment) 14th April 2012.
  • • National Conference, ENTIME-2012, Satyabhama University, Department of Management Studies, Paper on Organizational Values & its significance on Employee commitment, 17-18th Oct’ 2012,
  • U.G.C sponsored National Conference on Community Health, Madras School of Social Work, Egmore, Chennai.8, attended the conference, February 2012
  • U.G.C sponsored National Conference on Talent Transformation practices for global Competitiveness, Madras School of Social Work, Egmore, Chennai.8, March 2012.
  • International conference on Competency Building Strategies in Business & Technology for Sustainable development, Sri Ganesh School of Business Management, Salem, Tamilnadu, Stress factors, Effects of stress & Job satisfaction of women employees in IT sector, 24th February 2012.
  • International conference on Entrepreneurship, Post graduate department of commerce, Loyola college, Youth & Inclusive Development for Brand India, 25th & 26th February 2012.
  • Ministry of Education & Culture, University of Bengkulu, INDONESIA, 3rd Regional Network on Poverty Eradication, Poverty Influence on Violation of Human Rights, 15-17th Oct 2012.
  • International Conference on Law, Business Education, Corporate Social Responsibility, Manila, Philippines, Effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility on Below Poverty Line Community development, 23rd & 24th January 2017


  • Entrepreneurs and their impact on BPLC (Below Poverty Line Community) development, Advances and Trends in Entrepreneurship Research, February 9-11,2005, Pp 35. http://library.ediindia.ac.in:8181/xmlui/handle/123456789/907.
  • Women – Poverty, Health and Education in India, International Seminar -Women in Asia (issues & concerns), December 11-13, 2002, Pp 59-60.
  • Effects of stress and their influence on Job Satisfaction of women employees in IT Sector, Global Journal for Research Analysis, 2002, Vol. 1, Issue 6, https://www.worldwidejournals.com/global-journal-for-research-analysisGJRA/fileview/November_2012_1353497717_2f441_23.pdf.
  • BPL women social entrepreneurship and empowerment Conference on Entrepreneurship, Youth & inclusive Development for brand India, Research Department of Commerce, Loyola college, 2012, volume 2, issue 1, Pp.123-137,
  • Factors affecting stress & influence of stress indicators on level of organizational stress among the women employees in IT sectors, International Journal of Research in Commerce & Management ISSN 0976-2183,. Vol.3, Issue No.2 (February 2012), https://ijrcm.org.in/article_info.php?article_id=1288.
  • A study of Employee perception on Human resources key Drivers and its impact on employee engagement and workforce diversity among IT Product Employees in Kancheepuram District, International Journal of Human Resources Management and research (IJHRMR), Special edition, January 2015, ISSN: 2249-6874, Trans stellar journal publications & Research Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., https://issuu.com/tjprc/docs/6._human_resources_-_ijhrmr_-_a_stu
  • Generational Diversity-A key Employee Engagement Challenge to HR Professionals, International Journal of Human Resources Management and research (IJHRMR), Special edition, January 2015, ISSN: 2249-6874, Published by Trans stellar journal publications & Research Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., https://issuu.com/tjprc/docs/31._human_resources_-_ijhrmr_-_gene
  • Effects of Perceived Personal and Organizational values on organizational commitment and job satisfaction among shop floor employees of construction Equipment Manufacturing industries of Tiruvallur and Kanchipuram districts. Tamilnadu, International Journal of Human Resources Management and research (IJHRMR), Special edition, January 2015, ISSN: 2249-6874, Trans stellar journal publications & Research Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., https://fdocuments.in/document/17-human-resources-ijhrmr-effects-of-perceived-personalsjailapdeen.html
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  • Reinforcing inclusive human resource practices towards employer brand among workers in leather industries. November,2019, Infokara research, volume 8, Issue 11. http://infokara.com/gallery/101-nov-c178.pdf.
  • Technological Approaches in Applied Social Learning (formulate in lieu of industry 4.0) International Journal of Computers & Technology,2019, March, Cirworld, Pg.no 7485-7492, https://rajpub.com/index.php/ijct/article/view/8161.

Subjects Taught

  • Community Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Social Case work
  • Psychology

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