To be a global leader in education, research and intervention in social work and allied disciplines towards transforming the human potential into socially sensitive change agents for sustainable development.



 MSSW will create outstanding professionals, who will provide transformational leadership in the community and workplace, through:

  • An experiential transformative process of education and practice oriented pedagogy involving multi-disciplinary social sciences research.
  • Implementing Community outreach in our core competence areas, need and evidence based community practice interventions and delivering training & consultancy services to Corporate, Government and Civil Society Organizations.
  • Playing an active role in advocacy and policy formulation and access to contemporary knowledge resources.



  • To impart education in the fields of Professional Social Work, Human Resource and Psychology and other related social science disciplines.
  • To organize need based short-term courses and training programs for the student community field practitioners of Government and Non-Government sectors.
  • To undertake institutional and sponsored research studies on various social problems, social welfare and other issues of local, national and international concern and thereby to contribute to policy making.
  • To undertake community projects to empower the weaker sections marginalized groups in the neighborhood community and thereby to facilitate their sustainable growth, and to enhance student’s learning process.
  • To arrange lectures, seminars, conferences, symposia and discussions on problems of social interest.
  • To offer necessary consultation and guidance to the needy individuals and groups.
  • To establish a meaningful Institution Industry Community Interface and Co-ordination.
  • To encourage and bring out quality publications in the relevant fields.