HOD’s Desk


The Post Graduate Department of Social Work (Shift – II) at Madras School of Social Work was started during 2007 and aims to bestow quality education for the all round development of professional social workers through a value added, market driven and indigenously relevant course in the fields of Human Resource Management, Community Development and Medical and Psychiatric Social Work.

The two years course is focussed at providing the students with sound scientific knowledge, skills that will enable them to bring about change in the overall quality of life of individuals and communities. A blend of both classroom learning and variety of fieldwork components facilitates the application of theory to practice and prepares the students in this era of emulous workforce. The culture, atmosphere and vibrant curriculum help the students to be creative and prepare to excel in today’s competitive environment.


Dr. C. Francis, Head of the Department,
P.G. Dept. of Social Work (SF),
Madras School of Social Work.

Cell : 99411 27272
Email Id : francischellappan@mssw.in