Course Offered


The department of psychology at MSSW had its modest beginning in the year 2012. The department is offering a three years undergraduate degree in Psychology. The department has introduced various innovative , healthy and unique practices in the academic curriculum. Students will be exposed to psychological assessment in both semesters in their third year. The psychology laboratory contains various test materials like Raven’s progressive matrix, Bhatia’s battery of Intelligence ,Bell’s Adjustment inventory, stroop effect test, etc. We also have popular apparatus based tests like Muller Lyer Illusion apparatus, Seguine form board test, Tachistoscope, Concept formation board , Manual dexterity test and Finger dexterity test.

Some unique course like sports psychology, Health psychology, Forensic psychology , positive psychology have been inculcated in to the syllabus. In order to have field experience, the final year students have “ Case studies” in their fifth semester, in which they study about three different disorders across the life span period. Further students are given an opportunity to submit project in their final year, in which they conduct two different survey researches.