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M.A. Human Resource and OD

                                                                                      (Self Financed)


  •        To demonstrate a basic understanding of the theory, practice, principles, concepts, and language of organization development.
  •        To enable an understanding of techniques, strategies, models, methods, processes, complexities, paradoxes and conventions of practice used in introducing organization development activities and concepts into an organization.
  •        To illustrate an awareness of how one observes, interprets, thinks and acts in organizations.
  •        To infuse a learning understanding of the multiple theoretical approaches to interpreting organizational behavior.
  •        To create an insight into individual competence in the creation, execution and management of organization development applications.

This course focuses on the managerial responsibility for the development of the organization and the diverse technologies that a manager can employ to support organizational improvement. It provides a survey of the organizational literature, culture, values and skills that can be used by the manager, leader, or administrator to influence organizational change. A parallel emphasis will focus on the roles of consultants/facilitators in the organization’s development.



Adopting the CBCS pattern, the course of study for the MA (HR & OD) degree programme shall extend over 4 semesters (Two years) and shall consist of:

  •  Theory courses / papers (Core (C ), Electives (E))
  •  Field Practicum (As core paper),
  •  Research Project (As core paper).
  •  Internship - Summer placement, Block placement.
  •  Soft-skills courses (As supportive courses) which are compulsory.

Students will earn the credits only when they pass in papers and successfully complete the course completion components of the programme.

Students have to gain 90 credits to complete the course, distributed at the rate of Semester- I:  20 credits; Semester II: 23 credits; Semester III: 23 credits; and Semester IV: 24 credits.

In addition to the above for the enhancement of the students’ professional competency and employability skills the department also offers opportunity in the form of special Certificate / Diploma course. Enrolment in such courses will be voluntary. Students can earn additional credits (as specified) for these certificate / diploma courses.

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