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Water-The Elixir of Life

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MSSW Auditorium
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The Eco club of Madras School of Social Work conducted a session on Water-The Elixir of Life on 3rd of February 2016. The speaker of the session was Er. A.Veerappan, Former Special Chief Engineer, TNPWD & Structural Consultant. He highlighted that Water is everyone’s concern, Conversing and protecting water sources is every individuals responsibility.

He gave an alarming statistics and compared the consumption and availability of water, According to U.N Population Fund predicts that the world will begin to run out of fresh water in 2050.There will be 3 billion people in 48 water-stressed countries out of which 4.2 billion people will not be able to get their daily 50 litres - the minimum requirement for drinking, washing and cooking. According to the U.NGroundwater provides for the needs of 20% of the world’s people. About 20% of the water in rivers is withdrawn annually. He also highlighted about the inefficacy of planning by the government for the past three decades in special reference to maintenance of water bodies.

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