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MCJ Lecture - 2016

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Venue :
Open Air Auditorium, MSSW
Date :

The prestigious 22nd annual Mary Clubwala Jadhav (MCJ) Endowment lecture  in memory of the founder was held in the Madras School of Social Work  Open Air Auditorium on the 10th of December 2016. The Lecture was on  "Deepening Democracy -- Challenges" by the eminent speaker DR. V. Suresh  the National General Secretary  of People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL). The Speech was very thought provoking inducing the audience  to participate with questions peppered in between. An occasional lapse into Tamil now and then ensured the emotional connect with the audience throughout. The speech itself probed the deeper meaning of Democracy, the impact of climate change, the role of youth, their apathy and the need for a greater meaningful participation from them in the public space. A stringent attack on the present day scenario was made, be it the trials faced due to demonetisation or  the far reaching tentacles of globalisation and it's resultant impact on  the functioning of democracy .The frustration of the common man who feels totally irrelevant and unheard in today's setup was effectively showcased. The dialogue interaction that ensued between Dr.Suresh and the audience was so lively and vibrant that the speaker offered to have  another seperate session altogether . A truly inspiring speech by a seasoned , experienced speaker with a rapt audience was the the hallmark of the whole event. 

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