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World Tuberculosis Day Rally - 2016

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Venue :
Marina Beach
Date :

NSS Volunteers of MSSW students actively took part in WORLD TUBERCULOSIS DAY RALLY 2016 held at Marina beach on 24.03.2016 & 27.03.2016 organized by Indian Development Foundation, CADILA Pharmaceuticals Limited respectively .The awareness rally started at 7:00 am and continued till 8:30 am. Nearly 90 NSS Volunteers of MSSW actively participated in the rally. The rally was flagged of by Postmaster General, Chennai City Region, Shri Mervin Alexander. S. Sreeram, Manager, Indian Development Foundation (IDF), P. Oyyavandhan, Nalamdana & Mr. T. Rufus Singh, NSS - Programme Officer, MSSW were present during the rally.  Besides the NSS Volunteers of MSSW, students from various colleges and schools took part in the rally. The NSS volunteers walked with placards and slogans and the rally also in many ways spread awareness among thousands of people about how to stay away from the disease and also how to deal with it without losing hope and instigated a sense of responsibility and awareness to the onlookers of the event.

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