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Conference on Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability

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MSSW Auditorium
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“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller.

Marking the 10th year of the Department of Social Work (SF), the students forum of the department  – PEGASUS,  organized a  Social Work Conference on “Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability” on World Social Work Day,  20th March, 2018 at Madras School of Social Work.

The program commenced with the inauguration at 10AM with the dignitaries, Mr. Sagayam IAS, Chief guest, Mr. Swaminathan, college president, Dr. S. Raja Samuel, Principal, Dr. Francis. C, Head of the department of Social work (SF), Dr. S. Rachel, forum faculty coordinator and the office bearers, occupying the dais.

The most awaited aspect of the program was the chief guest address. The man behind the quote – “If you have the power, use it for the poor”, Mr. Sagayam IAS, occupied the dias to deliver his speech as the audience roared with cheer and applause. He has grown to be a sought-after personality for his admirable and honest work as an Administrative officer.

In his speech, he opened the minds of many  budding social workers to voice out against corruption and bribery following the example led by him. He mentioned that in his life all he ever aspired to be was an honest and true IAS Officer and he succeeded even though it came with a price of 26 transfers. He said, “If you have the will and skill, capability and credibility, you will always succeed” by which he inspired the audience to be true to their profession. Being a social worker himself, he pointed out that “Asathiya Thannambikai” (strong self-confidence) is an important trait that all social workers must imbibe.  He further said “Solvadhu Elidhu, Seivadhu Kadinam”  meaning, it is easier for one to comment on one’s work than to perform the work itself. But social workers are individuals who prove their worth through the work they do. He concluded his speech by saying that the future of the country lies in the hands of honest social workers whose work would immensely benefit the country and bring the change it needs.

Members from Life Net Trust for the Disability who were a part of the audience were gifted with white canes by Mr. Sagayam.  Following this, to highlight the importance of Social workers, Mr. Andrews, secretary of Professional Social work Counsel released the campaign board officiating the beginning of the campaign – “Social work my profession, Social work counsel, my right”. Mr. Sagayam, distinguished social workers in the audience, faculty and students were called upon to sign the board to show their support for the campaign.

The conference also witnessed many academicians and professionals as speakers like Dr. Miriam Samuel, Head of the Department of Social work, Madras Christian College, Dr. J.M Arul Kamaraj, Asst Professor, Department of Social Work, Loyola College, Dr. Marian Benita Maria, Head of the Department of Social work, Stella Maris and Mr. Thaddeus Alfonso, Associate Director, Don Bosco Institute of Psychological Services.

The program came to end with the valedictory function where distinguished Mr. Padam Narayanan and Ms. R. Senthamil Selvi graced the occasion as the chief guest and guest of honor respectively.

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