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Workshop on Digital Marketing

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MSSW Campus
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The P.G Department of Social Entrepreneurship is proud to facilitate the Workshop of Digital Marketing conducted by the team of Tungstn, Mr Krishna and Mr Rishi. Tungstn is an advertising agency which aims at providing creative marketing strategies and smart sales idea through different platforms. The young strategists and technologists from Tungstn initiated a well concised session giving students an insight on various digitalized approaches in marketing and branding efforts. They clearly and precisely went on to explain the evolution of marketing,essence of digital marketing as growing and lucrative at marketplace, various opportunities and limitations of digital marketing with regard to its society and landscape and lastly, answered to how students could benefit out of digital marketing in their research and learning through digital tools.

The workshop also emphasized upon the various digital media influencers in today’s world. These were great examples to create an efficient way to communicate during the interactive session. The team concluded by offering the students 400+ tools on digital marketing to make digital media marketing effectively applicable in our future endeavors.

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