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Seminar on Learning Disability

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The two day seminar on learning disability was inaugurated by the principal, Dr Raja Samuel, Madras school of social work. The student magazine and souvenir was launched. Our, Dean, Dr. R. Subhashini spoke on the recognition of LD. Then, an exclusive video on the Blink launch was showcased for the participants. Mr. Nanda Kumar, Joint commissioner of income tax, a dyslexic himself, shared his life experiences and talked about Neuro Linguistic program. Arun Fernandez, managing director at Blink research and services, spoke about the problems he faced in school and how he overcame it and is in a successful position that he is in today.Ms Jayashree Ashok, academic director of Blink and Ms Renu Nair gave the audience a very detailed insight into learning disabilities and mediation. Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, speech language pathologist, spoke about importance in language development in children with L.D. Mr Murali Krishnan, occupational therapist spoke about the ways we can overcome Learning Disabilities and everything that relates to it. On the second day, a recap of the first day was done, the first speaker was Dr. B. S. Virunagirinadhan, a neuro psychologist who educated the audience on the roll of psychologists in L.D. Ms. Amira Parveen, consultant psychologist, gave the audience a detailed lecture on remedial teaching. Ms. D. Sathya, in her lecture spoke about the importance of counseling for children with L.D. Ms. Meha Jabeen, consultant psychologists, spoke about LD with a very relevant examples of 3 cases, she has worked on.

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