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Special Lecture on Sustainable Waste Management Practices

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The Special Lecture on Sustainable Waste Management Practices was organized by the Student Consumer Club wherein 25 members took part in the lecture. The session had Ms. Navneeth Raghavan, an Environmental Consultant who is into a mission of teaching individuals and groups of how to compost organic waste and manage waste in creating a safe and clean environment.

The session started with the Tamil Thai Valzthu by the student choir followed by the welcome address by Shrivaiyshnavi, II MA (DM). Ms. Sweatha, II MA (HRM) introduced the chief guest by highlighting her achievements in creating awareness among college and school students, corporate houses, resident associations and also numerous groups of people on home composting and avoiding plastics for the past 11 years. She is been associated with Daily Dump, an organization which provides eco-friendly solution for household waste and sensitizing people on the importance of managing waste. She collaborated with the ‘Clean Drive’ of the Hindu newspaper in organizing workshops at various parts of the city.

Dr. Sarah felicitated the gathering and honored the Chief guest with a memento.       

Ms. Navneeth elucidated the understanding of waste and gave a fresh perspective about waste. She said waste considered by some is considered as money by some. She insisted the hazardousness in mixing all the waste in one bag. She suggested solution in handling 60% of our organic waste, 20% of plastics, 10% rejects and 10% of toxic waste.  A household comprising of 5 members generates 750 to 1000gms of waste per day and its difficult for the government machinery to handle this waste and spending money in transporting waste from home to dumpyard. Instead those money could be used to improve the infrastructures.

Ms. Navneeth used flip charts to explain the concepts and ideas of managing waste and how it could made as a practice n home as well as in workplace. Avoiding plastic covers and maximum usage of resources will help to reduce the creation of waste. She requested the participants to go thro’ the research article on “Waste Management Initiation in India” by Mr. Agarwal Chowdhry and Jayaveer Singh. She ended the session in sharing her burden in creating a ‘Zero Waste Home’ contributing to a Clean City.

Ms. Shanmuga Priya, II MA (DM) delivered the vote of thanks followed by the National Anthem.

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