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Guest Lecture on Psycho Oncology

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The Academic forum of the department of counselling psychology conducted a Guest Lecture on Psycho oncology on 27th of September 2017. The lecture was presented byDr. V. Surendran, Assistant professor and Head In charge, Department of Psycho oncology, Cancer Institute, Chennai.

The speaker enlightened us with his knowledge and experience in his field. He gave a detailed explanation on the development of cancer cells, biological causes and after effects of cancer. He elaborated on the difference between the normal cells and the cancer cells. He spoke about the other important causes of cancer such as genetics, lifestyle factors, socio economic status, stress, etc., and the importance of being aware of the biology and physiology of cancer cells. He also gave the statistical data and interpretation of the values based on various research studies carried out in India and in other parts of the world. Hetouched upon the symptoms of cancer and stressed upon the early diagnosis of cancer. He presented various surprising facts about various types of cancer, varieties of daily food consisting carcinogen, etc. He also quoted that breast cancer is the leading type of cancer leading to death in India.

The speaker gave us insights on the depression of the cancer patients throughout the treatment process from diagnosis. So he gave major emphasis on the role of psychologists in dealing with the cancer patients and spoke about the effective ways of communicating with them. He spoke about the different treatment methods for different types of cancer. And the criteria based on which the treatment is chosen. He spoke about the stigma towards the cancer patients and the need to eradicate it, as people refuse toacceptthe fact of being diagnosed with cancer.

The lecture ended with a question-answer session and discussion. The students were benefitted with deep learning about Psycho oncology from the lecture. Overall the lecture was informative and interactive making the students interested and engaged.

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