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Early on Wednesday morning, one could see a lot of smartly dressed young students scurrying about in the campus of Madras School of Social Work. It was the day of the first event of SHERLOCK, the flagship event of Bhavishya, the student forum of the MA HR&OD department.

SHERLOCK is the abbreviation of different HR and OD related terms that all the events are going to be themed around. Wednesday saw the events that the first two letters expand to – Sense Making and HR Analytics and Metrics. The event was also special because of its approach towards the topics. For the first time in a college in Chennai, Human Library was used in this event. A Human Library is where books are humans and they share their knowledge and experiences with their readers, or the audience.

There were three books for each of the topics. For Sense Making, Mr Jude Xavier (HR Senior Director and Head at Technosoft Global), Mr Issac K (Manager, Human Resources at Data Tracks), and Alisha Samson (Junior Executive, HR at Cognizant) were the books. For HR Analytics, Mr Nilangshu Ghosal (Head, HR at Infosys Ltd) , Mr Ananta Praveen Kumar (Data Scientist at The Farm), and Mr Jeya Krishnan (An experienced technology and internet solution consultant) were the books.

The event started at 9:30AM on 11th October at the Conference Hall of MSSW. The hall was full with students from both the host college and other colleges around the city. After the event inauguration, the event split into six venues within the college premises with each book conducting their session in their respective venue. Students registered to attend the session they wanted to learn about and spent the next three hours there.

At the end of each session, the human books gave their audience a case study to work on based on what was being spoken about. This ensured that the audience completely understood and were able to apply their learning in a real-life situation right then. Post the individual sessions, after a quick refreshment break, everyone gathered together again in the conference hall for a common session. Here, ‘speed dating’ took place where the speakers of the day and some of their audience gave quick inputs on what the session consisted of so that everyone gets to experience a little bit of all the sessions.

With the conclusion of the event, everyone went back a more knowledgeable person with a productive morning to be proud of.

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