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The workshop intends to educate the students of II MA (Development Management) the approaches, techniques and tools used in data analysis. About 31 students participated in the workshop with their laptops installed with SPSS version 21. The resource persons were Ms. Vijayalakshmi, MSW, (PhD) having more than 15 years of research experience being as a research consultant in various projects and Mr. Arul Selvan, MSc, (PhD) also having experience in handling research projects with various International organizations like UNICEF, IIPH., etc.

The session started with an introduction about why and how data analysis could be done. The basic conceptual understanding was initiated before the introduction of SPSS to the students. Later, the students were asked to work along with the resource persons using their laptop in SPSS in order to gain hands-on- experience. Initially, the data brought by the resource person’s were used as a reference point for working in SPSS and later the data of the students were used for greater clarity. Tests such as t- test, Cross Tabulation, Karl Pearson Coefficient of Correlation and Chi-Square test were taught.

The Post lunch session continued with the teaching of how to interpret data using the findings got from the analysis. Later, the Qualitative data analysis started with the brief introduction in defining a qualitative data followed by the approaches used in analyzing the data. A mention of qualitative software – Nvivo was also discussed. The students who are into qualitative study raised questions and understood the strategies in analyzing a qualitative data.

The workshop ended with a feedback session both by the resource persons and by the participants and the students found the workshop encouraging and fruitful

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