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NSS Volunteers of BSW and Psychology students participated in the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) program under the aegis of the ocean conservancy, USA as world coordinator and the Indian Maritime Foundation (IMF) as the national coordinator’s organized in association with NSS Unit, MSSW, held on 23rd Sept 2017. Our venue for the clean-up activity was ChitrakulamTank, Mylapore, where the activity was held between 7am to 9am. Participants were provided with safety measures like gloves and masks and were given Bio degradable trash bags into which the garbage was collected. Students both individually and as a group co-operated to their fullest and helped each other to clean the surroundings. Participants without any hesitation picked up every waste product which was littered by the residents around the area. By looking at their work some people from the neighbourhood also helped them by collecting the garbage and threw it into the trash cans. Participants by helping each other cleaned the surroundings and were able to collect about 30 bags of garbage which were polluting the entire area. The NSS Volunteers have received “Coastal Cleanup Certificate” provided by Ocean Conservancy, USA. Refreshments were provided to all the participants who were helpful in cleaning the area. Participants believed that through this activity they were able to bring change in the environment, will lead to a sustainable future for INDIA.Prof. Rufus Singh, NSS Programme Officer, MSSW and Prof.Sangeeth of MSSW were present during the Cleanup drive.

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