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Special Lecture on Unfair Trade practice at the Local, National and International level

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Conference Hall
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The lecture on ‘Unfair Trade practice at the local, national and international level’ was held on 28th September 2017 at 4 p.m. in the Conference Hall and the speaker of the day was Mr. Santhana Rajan, Director, CONCERT Trust.

      The session formally started with the Tamil Thai Vazthu followed by the Welcome Address by Ms. Bhavana, II MA (DM). A brief report about the speaker’s profile including his career path was read by Ms. Sri Vaiyshnavi, II MA (DM). Later, the session was handed over to the speaker in which he quoted of trade practices are rampant today with an aim to make money thro’ unfair means. Power point presentation was the teaching aid used where he also clarified that any trade practice aiming to promote sale or use of goods and services by unfair method or deceptive practice including

  • Misleading advertisements
  • Tie up sale
  • Misrepresentations are declared unlawful.
  • Mr. Santhana Rajan was sharing knowledge about misleading sales promoting statement by various companies in the form of attractive tag lines. E. g: Buy one get one free; No1 Company in the country; 100% money back.

      He displayed two local trade practice videos where the consumer was cheated by the seller. Then he showed Unfair trade practices by Big Bazaar, Tang, Zaitoon, Sunflower, Bourn Vita, etc. He added that unfair trade practices is growing because of lack of consumer awareness on these practices which could be handled by educating and informing the consumers about these practices so that the sellers are duly questioned.  

      He concluded the session by sharing some rules to the consumers,

  • Don’t buy when you don’t need
  • Prefer cotton clothing.
  • Take shopping bag.
  • Buy safe and natural foods.
  • Don’t mislead by advertisement. 

About 35 students benefited out of the session.

The session ended with the National Anthem.

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