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Eco Club Inauguration

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The conference hall of Madras School of Social work bustled with activity, on the 18th of August with enthusiastic student volunteers from the college who had set things up, harmoniously working with the faculty members to make sure the event began on time. At precisely 4.30 p.m., the conference hall was loaded with the audience and the Inauguration of the Eco Club and the Anti Narcotic Club is underway. The Master of Ceremony, Ms. Manasa, greeted the crowd and the Guests of Honour, prompting everyone to arise as the traditional State Song- Tamil Thai Vazhthu and the College Song was being played. As the crowd settled, Ms. Swetha Srinivasan, the President of the Anti Narcotic Club presented her Welcome Address which emphasized the importance of a clean, green and a drug-free campus. She also introduced the Chief Guests of the day- Mr. Arivazhagan Sambantham, the Editor of the fortnightly magazine- Pasumai Vikatan and Mr. Jayamaran, Intelligence Officer from the Narcotics Control Bureau. The Faculty Co-ordinator of the Anti Narcotic club, Ms. Nikita Sunny presented the report of the club activities in the past year, the highlight of which was the collaboration with TTK Hospitals, ever since its inauguration for the year 2016-17. This was followed by the annual report presentation by the Faculty Co-ordinator of the Eco Club who addressed the gathering as Eco-warriors and spoke about certain events like Joys of Giving, Water-The Elixir of Life, and activities held on the World Social Workers Day.

The Principal of the Institution, Dr. Raja Samuel addressed the gathering right after. He quizzed the audience about the convergence of the Eco and the Anti Narcotic Clubs, for which he accurately answered that one, protects the Ecological Nature whereas the other protects the Human Nature. He spoke about curtailing drug distribution on and off campus and mentioned that Madras School of Social Work boasted of a drug free campus. Dr. R. Subashini, the Dean of the college also gave the audience well worded advice before clearing the stage for the Key Note addresses by the Guests of Honour.

 Felicitations were exchanged, as the Principal presented Mr. Arivazhagan with a memento and the Dean presented Mr. Jayamaran with a memento as well.

Following this, the Editor-Publisher of the Tamil magazine, Pasumai Vikatan chose to deliver the key note address in the native tongue of Tamil which was received with voraciously approving applauses from the crowd. He spoke about his active efforts in restoring the environment, the restoration of the several dams all over Tamil Nadu like the Noyyal dam from the harmful dyes of Tirupur, the Padappai dam, the Siruvachur lake which all felt the wrath if the 2015 floods. The Pasumai Vikatan crew helped introduce Geo Budget Farming in Erode and elucidate Natural Farming Techniques in Thindukkal district. He propelled the crowd to turn their words into actions, and was highly enthusiastic about the future ventures with the Eco Club of MSSW.

Mr. Jayamaran, Intelligence Official- Narcotic Control Bureau took over the podium, expressing his morbid fears for the youth of the nation who fall prey to drug abuse. He exclaimed that reputed universities of the city also housed drug distributors and drug abusers who were well off and came from distinctively educated backgrounds. Mr. Jayamaran urged the crowd to stand against drugs and help one another cleanse the society of any and all kinds of narcotics by just making one phone call. He further acknowledged and appreciated the previous efforts of MSSW, in organising an event to promote awareness of drug abuse which was a huge success, and was praised by the Delhi Directorate. He adjured the crowd to remain goal oriented and made the gathering repeat the slogan: SAY NO TO DRUGS.

The office bearers of the Eco Club and the Anti-Narcotic Club 2017-18 were officially inducted and a solemn swearing-in ceremony was conducted by the Principal and the Dean respectively. Ms. Samohita Das, General Secretary, ANC, presented the agenda for the forthcoming year which included online poster submissions and numerous awareness programs. Ms. Sanchana of the Eco Club presented the club’s itinerary which consisted of several activities like restoring a couple of water bodies within the city limit, conducting and attending conferences, natural disaster management protocols, and hosting of the Eco Exhibition. A gardening competition was proposed by the Club which promotes greenery in the campus and a friendly completion amongst various departments. This competition was declared to be open by the Principal, who also enlisted the rules and criteria involved. The Joint General Secretary of the Eco Club presented the Vote of Thanks and the crowd rose for the National Anthem. Refreshments were distributed to the audience, as were bookmarks specially designed for the event, which contained the messages from both clubs.

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