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Study Tour is part of the academic curriculum of BSW Course; III BSW students are expected to complete Study Tour for the award of Bachelors degree. The UG Department of Social Work (BSW) organized study tour for III BSW (2014-2017) Batch students of Madras school of social work and were taken to Bangalore for study tour, organized in association with St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore from 27.02.2017 to 3.03.2017. Study Tour team started at 10pm on 26.02.17 from Madras school of social work and reached Indian Social Institute, Bangalore at 8am the next day. The tour included visits to NGOs, details as follows; III BSW students visited Visthar an NGO founded in1989, a secular civil society organization committed to social justice and peace. III BSW students also visited another social project , Hand in Hand working for  grave yard Children ,an inspiring project headed by  Mr. Gladson and Miss.Creeda ,who gave a brief orientation about their NGO and what work they do and for whom they work for.


Students also visited Vimochana  an organization which works for  women’s rights, headed by  Miss.Dona  who gave orientation about what the organization and their projects. They also went to Empowerment of children and Human Rights (ECHO), an organization which works to rehabilitate Juvenile delinquents which is registered under the JJ act 2015.It was started by Dr.Antony Sebastian in the year 2000. Mr.Fernandes gave orientation and screened a video about how the organization works and details about the project .Students also visited visvesvaraya technological museum with lot of scientific exposure, helped them to gain more knowledge.They also visited Bannerghetta Zoo, with rare species of birds and animals.Finally students went to Botanical garden at lalbagh, to see the place which was filled with, green trees and beautiful flowers.Thus, the students successfully completed a 5 day study tour to Bangalore from 27.02.17-3.03.17 with a fruitful learning experience.

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