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Open Air Auditorium, MSSW
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The most expected college cultural event, DÉJÀ VU   was  organized  on April 1st which was inaugurated by Mr. Karthikeya Sivasenapathy.. The Dejavu  event comprised of 12 event which had 6 off- stage events like Adzap, Channel surfing ,Solo Singing etc  and 6 on- stage events like Choreo Night and Battle of Bands , Street  Theatre apart from the four classroom events like  Rangoli,  Face painting etc which was conducted prior  to  Déjà vu. It  was  a  real  talent  bonanza as  all  students  participated  with  enthusiasm  and  vigour. MSW Shift II  won  the  Overall  Trophy  and  MA DM  were  the  runner  up.

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